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Experiencing Balkan on a 12-day Road Trip: An exciting journey to the Old Europe

From North Adriatic to the Black Sea and back in 12 days. Some 4,500 kilometers. A roadtrip through the Balkan from 2009. It has been published now, almost 10 years after the trip in order to offer a slight time distance which helps in delivering a more objective view.

Written by a Croatian writer who was born in former Yugoslavia and understands Balkan enough yet in the same time finds it provocative and challenging to discover. Posing the same questions that a global reader would pose and with so interesting and transferable to him. Before departing the author admits he is aware of some of his prejudices and we will follow how things develop to the end of the travelogue.
This travelogue can be useful for a reader that wants to get an idea of the Balkan and its culture, way of living and thus a guide how to approach it as a tourist and discover it himself. In the same time it is offering relevant information of the sites the author visited as well as historical and cultural background. Local customs, traditions and cuisine.

They decided to travel by car in order to have the freedom and flexibility. When some interesting place would be encountered nearby their planned route they would detour and visit it. If found that in some place there are more things worthed of visitintg and experience – they would stay longer.
The author went to this trip with two colleagues – „Dara“ from Ljubljana, Slovenia and and „Boro“ from Zagreb, Croatia – a balanced trio we can say. This travelogue offers a quick jump in that, still mystical part of the Old Continent (Europe). Gives a hint why Balkan still has this negative reputation and conotation.

He will not explain to the reader what Balkan is yet will help him get an idea of it himself. Text is accompanied with author’s photographs which are showing interesting sights but also moments on this trip.


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