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A short table of content offers direct links to main sections and lists main topics under those sections.

First section “History before golf” offers a brief on the long and interesting history of Brioni Islands. From prehistoric times to the hedonistic ancient period in which Brioni experienced their first posh and easy way of living. Then, sharing the destiny of its Empire falling into slow and long decline. The sleeping beauty found its renaissance only centuries later, by the end of the 19th century. That revival was interrupted just by the First World War.

Second section “Golf comes”, is about how golfing came to the island and how developed after. Its ups and downs or how golfing on Brioni Islands shared the destiny of Europe in the 20th century which is described in the third section “Golf goes away”.

Fourth section “Golf comes back” researches recent last three decades, after 1991 when golfing returned to Brioni and the old golf course was restored.

In the end, pages with a large number of golfers from 1920s and 1930s and list of sources for this modest research.

I History before golf

  • 1.Ancient glory
  • 2.Brioni’s renaissance (1893-1914)
  • 3.End of an era (1914-1919)

II Golf comes [Golf comes (Research)]

  • 1.Struggle to restore paradise (1919-1921)
  • 2.Roaring twenties (1921-1930) +Tunney, Shaw and Strauss
  • 3.Slow fade off (1931-1939)
  • 4.End of an era – again (1940-1945)

III Golf goes away

  • 1.Transition period (1945-1949)
  • 2.Tito’s residence (1949-1980)
  • 3.National Park (1983-)

IV Golf comes back [Golf comes back (Research)]

  • 1.(Re)discovering the golf course (1991-1996)
  • 2.New push: Golf Club Pula and Istrian Golf Association (1997-2006)
  • 3.Back to 18 holes (2006-present)

Golfers on Brioni

Sources: Golf on Brioni [Sources: Golf on Brioni (Research)]