Today we are connected more than ever. We can instantly reach many peers almost in every corner of the Earth. Meet, talk, see each other. Visit many beautiful places and learn about how other people live there… virtually. With just few clicks and a bit of internet stream we depart and come back home, yet we remain physically distanced. Our nature is else. We need to step out into the nature and interact directly with her and other people to find our fulfillment. To embrace real challenges and to find some adventure. This is why I went to my Camino.

Every person have own reasons to go to her or his Camino which will trully be their own Camino, as there are not two equal Caminos. We all bring our own burdens and then decide to leave those on the Camino or not. This is why Camino for some can be a path of self healing. Again, it is only up to you. No one can tell you what to do with your own Camino. Camino is actually like life – your own path, even if you walk it on the same way nearby others. This is why Camino is a mystic journey. There you will find and embrace your own challenges, phyisical and mental. You will have to take your own decisions, proceed step by step and stage by stage. Suffer and alleviate. You will have to have faith, first of all in yourself. Before all you have to have a purpose.

This is a record of my Via de la Plata Camino de Santiago de Compostela from 2013. I walked it with an Camino veteran and my old friend Andrej. You will be guided through this journey and see a number of interesting photos showing beautiful landscapes, villages, towns and cities. Various people that we met on the way, locals and other fellow pilgrims. Moments, different situations and challenges we lived and experienced.

Camino - Sevilla Camino de Santiago sign

This “photo story” consists of seven chapters, located in seven web pages:

1. Vocation – when and how I felf I was called to this Camino;

2. About Camino – basic information on Camino de Santiago de Compostela;

3. Sevilla to Extremadura – unexpectedly harsh first part;

4. Extremadura – it gets ever harder;

5. Castilla y Leon (to Salamanca) – persistance is giving us wonderful gifts;

6. Castilla y Leon (to Galicia) – toward the most magical part;

7. Galicia – magic and fulfillment.