Golf goes away

1.Transition period (1945-1949)

New flag: Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia! Brioni Islands change state again, from Kingdom of Italy unfer fascist ideology now is part of Croatia in the new Yugoslavia Federation under socialist ideology. Again, hard times and a new exodus happens. City of Pola (Zone A), as contested territory between Croatia and Italy is under UN’s Anglo-American administration in the period Jun 12th, 1945 – August 17th, 1947. Brioni Islands are not into this zone but just in front of the port of Pola. Yugoslav president apparently visits Brioni on June 20th, 1947.

2.Tito’s residence (1949-1980)

Once the Anglo-American administration leaves Pola (now officially Pula) tensions slowly begin to relent. Yougoslavia’s strong man Josip Broz called Tito decides to use the luxury archipelago as a presidence’s residence, actually as his new and private estate. A small number of locals are still allowed to live in their house on the main settlement but the last ones will be expelled by late 1950s.

Brioni map from 1949

Part of habitations and hotels are ruined and destroyed, mostly by the Allied bombardment on April 18th, 1945.

Aftermats of Allied bombardment 28.04.1945.

His new home will be on the small island of Vanga. Some say he wanted to affirm his new territory, while other say it was an excellent escape point if cold war against Stalin’s USSR would had become warm war. In any case, he came here and stayed for some thirty years and added a new note of glamour to Brioni Islands.

Naser of Egypt, Tito of Yugoslavia and Nehru of India – The movement of Non-Aligned is born

Golf is not played anymore, there is noone who knows to play golf. It seems that the European Golf Association still kept this golf course as present and was senting to the island yearly corenspondence? Alos, we find the course in the Golfer’s Handbook brom 1957: “Jugoslavia. ISOLE BRIONI. Brioni Island G. C. (p) J.Olgiati, 18 holes. Station – Pola (5 miles). Visitors’ fee 15 lire per day; 225 lire per month. Sunday play with caddies. Hotel – Grand.” We find the same exatct information in Golfer’s Handbooks from 1935 and 1939.

3.National Park (1983-)

Tito dies in 1980 and Brioni Islands are again without “its king”. This time, even without an successor. Formally, it holds the “presidential residence” status yet it is clear that without such a striking persona being present on the islands, it would start to decay. This is why in 1983 it is declared national park and thus protected and allowed at least some financial resources for its maintenance. In 1984 partially opens for visitors. This provides some additional revenues but no structural investments are undertaken. Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in in decay and again – an era is ending.