3rd Brioni Hickory Open Championship 2017


Three years after the second one, hickories are again on Brioni! This time with many more participants. The Championship has been set for July 8th, 2017 while gathering, practice round and free tour of Brioni Islands on the previous day.

Again, hickroy championship was made possible by the engagement of few enthusiast initiating, moving helping me. First of all Mr Christoph Meister from Hamburg, president of the European Association of Golf Historians and Collectors and Dr Davor Pikot, president of Golf klub Pula.

Here is the official Announcements:

We gathered Friday and spent a great day on sunny Brioni Islands. For many it was the very first time playing on sand greens and this habituation was more then welcomed so they can play normally on the Championship next day.

1st Flight at 10:30ResultPlace
Andreas Karacsonyi981.
Vladimir Mikac1107.
Stjepan Dugandzic1239.
2nd Flight at 10:40
Miha Cerar* (not ih hickory competition)
Louis Dudzus
Dusan Bogunovic1065.
3rd Flight at 10:50
Davor Pikot1065.
Martin Panosch1054.
Nenad Oreskovic1128.
4th Flight at 11:00
Olaf Dudzus1002.
Petra Dudzus1013.
Damir Ritosa

Local rules:

  1. Free moving of the ball on the whole course by the length of the scorecard, no closer to the hole
  2. If the ball lies on earth or stones, free moving of the ball to the closest possible point of play, no closer to the hole. No penalty stroke.
  3. Red stakes – lateral water hazard
  4. Yellow stokes – water hazard
  5. Blue stokes – damaged ground, ground under repair, old Austro-Hungarian or Roman stone pathway and similar. Allowed moving the ball to the closest point of play, no closer to the hole – no penalty stroke.
  6. Markers 50, 100, 150 (white stakes) – distance makers to the beginning of the green (in meters)
  7. Hole no.7,8,9 and 10 – after the ball hit in the water, we take a new ball and let it into drop zone marked with the table DROP ZONE and we continue the game – one-stroke penalty
  8. If the ball lies on the green near its border and we cannot play the ball because of the border, we move the ball to the closest possible place (on the green or outside the green – no closer to the hole) and continue the game. No penalty stroke.

! Please bear in mind weather forecast for tomorrow is very hot temperature and strong sun. Please prepare accordingly. Two bottles of water per player will be offered yet additional refreshment is advised !